D-Sub、D 形连接器

关于  D-Sub、D 形连接器

D-subminiature connectors, often referred to as D-sub connectors, derive their name from the distinctive D-shaped shroud found at their mating end. These connectors were initially introduced due to the relatively high interconnect density they offered compared to other options available at the time. The family of D-sub connectors includes products that are commonly known as "connectors," as they integrate the electrical contacts and the insulation system that holds them in place into a single unit. This design allows for easy installation and ensures the proper alignment and stability of the contacts within the connector. D-sub connectors are widely used in board mount applications, where they provide a secure and reliable electrical connection between the circuit board and external devices or cables. They are also suitable for solder terminated cable mount applications, where the connector is directly soldered to the cables. The versatile nature of D-sub connectors makes them popular across various industries and applications. They are commonly found in computer systems, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, and many other electronic devices. Their robust design and compatibility with different termination methods make them a preferred choice for applications that require a high-density interconnect solution. In summary, D-subminiature connectors, with their distinctive D-shaped shroud and high interconnect density, are widely used in board mount and solder terminated cable mount applications. These connectors combine the electrical contacts and insulation system into a single unit, providing a reliable and convenient solution for establishing connections in electronic systems.